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Helpful Hints

Call us with your dimensions and we will figure your yardage for you. We provide concrete services for Newcastle County, north of the C&D Canal.

• One Cubic Yard Will Cover 80 Square Feet at 4 Inches Depth
• One Cubic Yard Will Cover 60 Square Feet at 6 Inches Depth
• Deck Holes - Approximately 10 Holes at 32-Inch Depth
  at 12-Inch Diameter = One Cubic Yard


Successful Finishing

1. Place Concrete as near as Possible to Its Final Position
2. Consolidate
3. Strike off
4. Float
5. Wait, Wait, Wait, for Bleed Water to Evaporate
6. Edge

7. Joint
8. Trowel Lightly
9. Broom for Non-Skid Surface
10. Cure (Keep Moist)
11. Seal
12. No Salt or De-Icers for One Year

Contact us for information that helps give your concrete work a flawless look.